Choosing the Right Moving Supplies…

Moving-SuppliesWhen it’s time to move, you want to be sure that all of your possessions not only make it from point A to point B, but that they also arrive safe and sound.  There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new home or place of business to find that some of your belongings were either damaged or lost during the move.

One way to avoid loss or damage is to use the right supplies when packing and preparing for the move.  Choosing the right moving supplies will ensure your items are packed correctly and make it to their destination in one piece. Here is a list of some of the essential moving supplies you should have for your next move:

Boxes – Big, Small and Plenty

Having boxes on hand during your move always prepares you for success.  Boxes are the go-to method for packing almost anything. They help keep your possessions organized and offer a layer of protection to prevent damage.

A common mistake when it comes to buying or renting moving boxes is to only get one size of boxes. It’s a good idea to get boxes in different sizes based on what it is you are moving.  While large boxes can hold quite a bit, they are not always practical for smaller items. You also don’t want to load boxes so heavy that they can’t be lifted or come apart during the move. Be sure to give yourself some choices when it comes to box size.

Remember to have plenty of boxes on hand as you begin to sort and pack before your move. You’re better off having a few unused boxes at the end rather than trying to cram too much in because you don’t have enough.

Dish Packs

Some of the items you will be moving are much more fragile than others. Using the right packing supplies can make a huge difference in making sure those fragile belongings arrive safely and undamaged. Dishes, for example, should be packed with care, wrapped in paper or cloth and placed in dish pack boxes. Packing dishes in this type of box adds additional protection and keeps your valuables secure. A dish pack is perfect for moving fragile items such as fine china, crystal stemware, porcelain figurines or antiques to name a few.

Strong Tape

As you finish packing your boxes up, you’ll want to be sure to use good strong packing tape to keep your boxes closed. When choosing tape, find tape that is specifically made for packing and moving. Using cheap tape or tape that can be easily broken might result in boxes spilling open during the move, which could lead to broken or lost items. Don’t chance it! Pay the extra for good strong tape that you can rely on.

Blankets and Saran Wrap

If you’ve ever watched a professional moving company work before, you’ve probably seen them use both blankets and saran wrap to protect furniture and secure other items into moving trucks. These are very important moving supplies that help keep your possessions safe from start to finish.  As you begin to pack up your belongings, keep a pile of blankets out to use when you start to load your moving truck. You might want to stop by a local hardware store or moving company to pick up a roll of saran wrap as well.

Article written by Wendy Cracchiolo at “Get Your Move On” She can be reached at


Market Update Through July 3, 2014

Here is the Market Update through July 3rd, 2014. Please note that the Valley Wide graph represents all of the MLS. The table below that graph just represents recordings for new and re-sales for Maricopa County.

Because there are less swings in the Market we have decided to update you once per quarter. This is through June and the next market update will be through September!

We also offer a Market Update Book for you to use at listing appointments, at Open Houses or with Buyers. They are printed in full color!!! Just let any of our Business Development Mangers know how many you would like and we will bring them by your office. This will be Volume 2 2014.

Tip: These are great to use when managing your clients expectations. Point out the absorption rate by area to let them know how fast things are selling!

The Comments are:

Active Listings and Sales:Total active listings, (with no UCB/AWC) have gone down by 896 units over the last month. As of July 3rd we sit at 24,388 actives all property types. Sales are at 7389 for the last 30 days (July 3rd), up by 177 units from one month ago! We are currently sitting at a 3.3 months of supply, (based on Active listings with no UCB/AWC). Pending sales are down from the month before as of July 3rd, 6481 vs. one month ago at 7082. Traditionally, 3-4 months of supply indicate a balanced market. June re-sales and new sales in Maricopa County were 7855. In May 2014 they were 8208 . June 2013 was 8512 this is an 8% decrease in year over year.

Absorption rate: Absorption rate is the % of sales that are sold each month of the inventory. A higher percent means that inventory is moving at a faster rate, and thus is a Seller’s market. Certain areas of town have very high absorption rates, they are:

Northwest Valley 38%
Peoria and Glendale 33%
Apache Junction 32%
Desert Ridge 30%
Median Price: The median price in Maricopa County for June 2014 was $209,000 in May 2014 it was $202,000. In June of 2013 it was $193,085 for a 5% increase!!!! In June 2007 it was $257,000 and in June 2001 it was $142,000!

Distressed Market Pie Chart: This chart shows you the percentage of distressed properties that are being listed and sold. Short Sales represent 4% of the closings for the last month. Distressed Sales (Short Sales and REOs combined) accounted for 10% of the total sales for in the last month. REO property sales equal to 6% of the sales for the last month. Normal non-distressed sales are now 90% of the total!!!!!

The last graph gives you the average dollar per square foot of solds by month on a line chart going back one year. Prices have risen by 35% since June of 2012!

Luxury: The Luxury Market of $1.0 Million and above continues to be the lowest absorption rate of any market segment. There was a 9% absorption rate for the last month. There were 118 properties in all of the MLS were sold for more than $1.0 million.

Please click on the link below to take you to the Graphs. You can save/print/email them from there! Use these with all of your clients, as a news letter and at open houses! Everyone wants to know what is happening in Real Estate – Be the authority!! Remember that you can always go to and click on Sales and Marketing then Market Update for this info as well!

Equity Title has great marketing tools and programs to help you get more business – call any of our Business Development Managers to set up an appointment!

MONTHS OF SUPPLY (with AWC/UCB listings) (Single Family Only)

East Valley: 3.0

Northwest: 2.6

Paradise Valley: 8.6

Luxury ($1mil+): 11.3

Southwest: 4.1

Peoria/Glendale: 3.1

Camelback Corridor: 4.2

Cave Creek: 5.0

Ahwatukee: 3.7

Scottsdale: 4.7

Apache Junction: 3.1

Fountain Hills: 6.7

Buckeye: 3.5

Desert Ridge & Tatum Corridor: 3.4

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Welcome back, Carrie Thompson!

Equity Title Agency, Mesa is pleased to announce the return of Carrie Thompson, Senior Escrow Officer!!!!  Carrie has 20 years in the title and escrow industry!  Send Carrie an email to welcome her back!  Remember, when you write those contracts this weekend, put Equity Title Agency, Mesa/Carrie Thompson on line 93!

Great News from Equity Title – Exceeding the Industry Standard

We here at Equity Title are proud to announce that we are one of the first underwritten title companies in the nation to receive an audited SSAE No. 16 SOC 1 type 1 report and the SSAE No. 16 SOC 2 type 1 report audits with NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE REPORT!

This 250 page report is shows ETA’s compliance with all of ALTA’s ‘Best Practices’ and exceeds the industry standard! This report demonstrates the great lengths to which ETA goes to make sure all of the personal information it receives from our customers is protected from those people wanting to do harm. In a day where identity theft is so prevalent, ETA is on the cutting edge of security! This will also make your closing go more smoothly.

We are proud of our entire staff and are equally proud to offer the highest standard of quality care to our customers and provide the peace of mind home buyers desire and deserve!

Equity Title Agency, once again doing “whatever it takes”!


Best Practices CFPB ETA

Equity Title Agency is featured on The Home Hunter TV Show

Equity Title Agency’s AVP, Tom Diller represented Equity Title Agency on The Home Hunter  TV show. Tom discussed the title company’s role in the home buying and selling process in Arizona as well as the steps that Equity Title has taken to become compliant with the new Dodd-Frank laws.

The Home Hunter is the Nation’s longest running real estate show with a wonderful 30 year history. Thank you to Tiffany Hunter and Dianne Hunter for having Tom on your show!!

See the video on our YouTube channel here: Equity Title Agency of Arizona featured on The Home Hunter TV Show

Tip #7: Prepare HUDs for your Clients

To Do #7: Prepare HUDs for your Clients

Start the New Year off by contacting all of your clients who closed a transaction with you in 2013…and with great purpose: Resend their Final HUD for their taxes!

Can’t locate their final HUD? Contact your Escrow Officer! If you need the HUD for any transactions that you closed with Equity Title in 2013, simiply email or call your Escrow Officer (emails listed on the right side of this email) with the Property Address and Client’s Name and they will email the HUD to you!

Tip #6: Develop your Niche

To Do #6: Develop your Niche

No one can be all things to all people. Take time to reflect on your transactions in 2013 – What similarities were there? What did you most enjoy working on? Then examine what your strengths and weaknesses are. Determine what niche you would like to work. Create a Mission Statement. Learn to Know your Niche – view the inventory; memorize the statistics; package your resources.